Mind Over Matter


Happy summer everyone! It’s been quite a while since I last wrote. We’re approaching a difficult day of the year for me and these last few weeks I just haven’t been myself. While I’ve been maintaining consistency with my diet and exercise (specifically running), I checked out mentally. I guess you can say that I’ve been given a crucial lesson on the importance of maintaining a positive attitude.

Rather than pushing forward and focusing on all of the positive changes and things in my life, I’ve been having bad moments…which included a good pity party, tears and all. After wasting time feeling sorry for myself, I had an epiphany – enough is enough. Why am I beating myself up for things I can’t control? Bad things happen but life has to go on. I tend to get in my own head and stand in my own way but that has to change. No one is going to do this for me and it’s time I took responsibility for myself rather than relying on others for motivation. I know that not every day will be perfect and I’ve made a promise to myself: these days of pity parties and self loathing are not going to happen anymore.

It’s been said that God doesn’t give you things that you can’t handle and with every struggle comes strength. I have been through a lot in my life but I can finally say that I am becoming content with most aspects of my life…and with myself. So why let one bad event ruin all of the good I’ve put forth since? I don’t want to go back to the miserable, negative person that I used to be—someone who was truly unhappy with her life and mostly everything in it.

My journey is far from over and, in many ways, it’s just beginning. I know that I have come very far and I get stronger every day. I also realize that there will still be days where I’m not motivated and where I feel like ‘what’s the point’—especially when my stomach or other health issues are acting up.  At the end of the day, I should be proud of all that I have accomplished in a short time: I have lost over 70 pounds and gone from a size 12-14 to a size 2-4; I completed an intense 4-week training plan that mimicked that of a fitness/bikini competitor; & I went from being unable to run ¼ mile to running a full 5k, indoors AND outdoors. None of those things were easy but I did them all and I know I can continue to achieve whatever goals I set for myself if I remain positive and focused.

I find that setting goals helps to keep me accountable and makes the daily diet/exercise more fun. While I have completed my big missions/challenges, I have things that I continue to work towards. I completed my second 5k on June 7 (Roc Race) but I hope to complete a full 5k (WITHOUT obstacles) by the end of summer/beginning of fall. I am focused on maintaining my clean eating diet and losing a few more pounds but above all, the mission is to build my confidence and become the best version of myself that I can be. While that may seem cheesy, that’s really my ultimate goal. I’ve spent too many years of my life worried about what other people think of me and not caring what I think of myself. Hopefully, over time, that will change.

The real journey really does begin as you finally start reaching your goals. That being said, the purpose of this blog has always been to motivate others and it is my hope that by sharing my stories–good or bad, you will gain inspiration. Everyone has bad days—its how you overcome the challenges that life presents you that will determine your success. Always remember that no matter what your struggle, it IS possible and that nothing worth having comes easy.

Until next time, stay strong and stay in the fight!



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