#TryDry – Dove Dry Spray Product Review

I’ve been a part of Influenster for a while now and they have some pretty great products. Recently, they have sent me things to review on this blog. The latest? This new Dry Spray deodorant from Dove.

I was really excited to receive a Dove product, as I am an avid user of their products. However, this made me hesitant because I’ve never been one to use spray deodorants. Quite frankly, I don’t trust that something that goes on wet will actually keep me dry. Well….this spray proved me wrong.

The spray goes on in a thin layer and is dry within seconds. It also doesn’t leave any marks on your clothing (see picture below.) I decided since I was hitting the gym hard today, I would put this spray to the test…and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. If I’m being completely honest…it worked even better than my regular stick deodorant.


I highly recommend this product. Whether you’re putting in hard work at the gym or at the office, this product will work wonders. Go check it out! 🙂

Stay strong & stay in the fight!




VSX Product Review: The Incredible sports bra and Knockout tights

IMG_0063I feel very lucky to be able to share my review of this fitness gear with you all! I received these amazing goodies courtesy of Influenster and while I’ve been given some great products in the past, nothing compares to this.

This Voxbox contained products from the Victoria’s Secret Sport line (VSX.) There was a sports bra, workout pants and tons of coupons to be used in-store and online.

The sports bra is amazing. It goes by bra size it fits perfectly and provides excellent support…especially for a high impact workout. It also doesn’t flatten you out like most other sports bras tend to do. Victoria’s Secret calls this the Incredible sports bra and I couldn’t agree more.

The pants are equally phenomenal. They fit like a glove and are super comfortable. With other pants, I find they slide or move around while running. These stayed in place for the whole 3-mile run that I did! They are the Knockout Tights and you will definitely feel like one wearing them.

In addition to the highlights above, the material these products are lightweight and made extremely well. They also do not hold sweat, making you more comfortable and allowing for a more effective workout.

I have tried many different types of workout clothes over the years but nothing really compares to the VSX line. It tends to be pretty pricey but if you can find a coupon or catch a good sale, it’s worth the investment. If you can only afford to get one of the items, go for the sports bra. I promise nothing compares to how well this fits and how good you will look wearing it. Check it out and let me know if you agree!

Stay strong & stay in the fight!